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A new way of farming to counter climate change

Away from the negotiating tables in Lima, climate change is a reality in Peru’s mountainous Andes range. Adapting to rapid weather changes, sometimes with the help of ancestral techniques, has become a way of life for poor inhabitants. In Pumatalla, some 200 kilometres southeast of the ancient Inca capital, Cusco, Silverio Choqueneira says seasons have clearly become erratic, complicating crop planting and harvests. “Before, the dry season lasted from May to September, and the rainy season ran from January until April. But now, the rain could come at any moment. This year, none of us here could harvest,” he said. “Before, it used to rain peacefully, but now when it rains, it whips the land.” Choqueneira mans a weather station in his community, providing local radio stations not only with daily temperature, wind and humidity readings, but also with information about what this means for locals in their daily lives. “We were losing our harvests, so many people are ... Show more

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