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Private-sector climate support for El Niño flooding

The Zurich Insurance Group is helping Peruvian communities deal with regular severe flooding. It is one example of the role of the private sector in addressing climate change – part of the current talks in Lima on “climate finance”.  About an hour outside the Peruvian capital, in Chaclacayo, local leader Isolina Gongora describes the fear of a natural disaster. This is shared by residents in her community living at a crossroads between the Rimac River, which flows just a couple of metres below, and a regular landslide path.  “We don’t sleep. We always need to be alert, so that in the case of an event we can start running, knocking on neighbours’ doors,” she says, explaining the many times she has had to react to severe flooding.  During the floods, which occur generally during the first months of the year, huge waves of water may suddenly cascade down the Rimac, “talking river” in the native language, Quechua.  “The houses shake when rocks are pushed down the river. Show more

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