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Delegates pave the way for new climate pact in Paris

A negotiation deadlock was finally broken early Sunday morning at United Nations climate change talks in Lima when delegates agreed on a compromise text to serve as a basis for an agreement next year in Paris. With increasingly fractious talks continuing 33 hours over the planned schedule, envoys worked hard behind the scenes to establish the foundations for an agreement on greenhouse gas emissions, accepted in the final plenary session as the Lima Call for Climate Action. Most participants agree that intense negotiations prior to next December’s summit will be needed on many issues. French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, who will assume the presidency of the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris, told journalists, “When I look at my schedule, there will be a lot of room for negotiations”. “The positions included in the current document are still very far from each other. Important work will be required to bring parties closer,” the Swiss delegation in Lima said in a ... Show more

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