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Energy transition: taking stock and looking ahead

“2014 – a milestone on the way towards a climate-friendly and successful Switzerland”: this is what University of St Gallen professor Rolf Wüstenhagen would like to read in the annual review of 2050. The media response to the latest energy policy decisions looks different. The energy expert reviews the sceptics’ arguments and explains why the Swiss energy strategy is more than “illusion”, “subsidies” and “chaos”. In the Swiss newsrooms journalists seem to be in agreement for once. If we believe the echo in the print media following the national parliament’s autumn session, Switzerland’s energy policy is on the wrong track. “A serious strategy would look different”, “National parliament opens the tap for subsidies”, “Energy turnaround plunges power supply into chaos” are the headlines across a variety of national newspapers. What was the momentous decision taken by representatives before the end of the year? Has parliament decided to break up the big banks? Show more

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