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Let us laugh together, on principle

The tragic events in Paris tug at our hearts and pose questions to our heads. Our deepest sympathies go to the families and friends of the victims. While we mourn the deaths of the cartoonists and police and are revolted by people being gunned down in premeditated murder, we are led to reflect on what freedom really means and the role of humour. Many questions are being raised about Islam and its relation to violence. From across the political spectrum, cause-and-effect-corollaries between the teachings of the Koran and violence are being debated. Is there something inherent in Islam that fosters jihadists? Is there something particular about this monotheistic religion that differentiates it from Christianity and Judaism? Neither of these questions are easily answered. But they could also be raised in other forms about Christian Crusaders during the Middle Ages or Jewish settlers recently retaking what they consider to be their Holy Land. ... Show more

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